Some Other Deaths of Bas Jan Ader


Some Other Deaths of Bas Jan Ader

“Ader dying was stupid. It was, ironically, a triumph of life–a stabilizing gesture that pathetically used the cover of art to integrate the otherwise subversive aberrancy of suicide and/or mistaken death into a common dialogue on “legacy”. Chris Kraus notes, “the future we dream of is always more glorious than the one that transpires.”; mirroring Freud’s assertion that fantasy always manifests in reality as nightmare. Ader’s mistake was that his death was altogether too dreamy, too glorious to be anything but banal.”–Josef Kaplan “We were never together. I remember everything else.” —Walt Whitman “So I can see any and everything. I can talk about everything as a child would. The interior mind versus the exterior. Art proposes an interiority which no longer exists for all of us are molded. The nightmare that I fear most is true”.–Kathy Acker “Can’t believe how hardcore Nirvana was..tricking a baby with money, and the baby drowned, and you can see its wiener…damn.–@boring_as_heck “I must defend/this enormity of desperate tenderness/that, like the world, I received in being born”–Piero Pasolini “Remember the decorous nonviolence/of our formalisms?/That’s when we were whores!”–Anne Boyer “Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world.– Vannevar Bush“Sons and daughters disappear, are thought dead, then reappear with entirely different faces that should be unrecognizable but aren’t.”–Lynne Tillman “Into the sea/you & me/all the years that no one heard.”–Bas Jan Ader


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