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from Bill Nace, check it out:

hey everyone

Rick Myers did some gorgeous art editions of the Flaherty/Nace  “No, the Sun” LP (OM29)

One version, in an edition of 15 are the regular edition sleeves with original drawing by Rick on the back. These are signed/numbered and three (from the edition of 15) are available for sale.

On the subject of the drawings made on the covers of the versions of the LP with the drawings – for Bill Nace.

I listened to the LP while drawing with both hands, the drawings were made on one sleeve at once at first, then I started to draw on two sleeves at once – it became a mental and physical recording process trying to capture the current moment of music and then replicate it on the second, corresponding, sleeve – while trying to remember the last moment of music for the first – the drawings were done in one sitting and took the duration of the LP to complete.–rick myers

The second edition is a Test Pressing in an edition of 5. These covers are C-Prints of photos of Flaherty/Nace playing the opening of Rick Myers exhibit Looking at the sun with a Prepared Lens. These are also signed/numbered and 2 of these are available for sale.

You can look/order here…….openmouthrecords.blogspot.com

and see more of ricks work here…… http://www.rickmyers.co.uk



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